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the worst thing about online friendships is no hugs

man i wanna hug the frick outta some of you

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Favorite Movies: Stigmata

Do you know what’s scarier than not believing in God? Believing in him. I mean, really fucking believing in him is terrifying because if there is a God, he hates me.

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That is one content bear

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Zoom halorvic:

[drama intensifies]


[drama intensifies]

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Zoom twilight-deviant:

- “This gun. I’m still holding it. Ew. Babe. Help.”- “Give it here.”


- “This gun. I’m still holding it. Ew. Babe. Help.”
- “Give it here.”

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If the protagonist is queer, and the story doesn't revolve around romance, then why is the protagonist queer in the first place if it's largely irrelevant? I'm simply curious .

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Because our lives are not defined by romance and sex and we deserve better and more diverse stories than that.

"If straight people don’t get to gawk over your sex lives then what’s the point of you existing?"

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